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The Faculty Education Reform and Innovation team along with the Judge Business School have been very happy to receive a delegation from Niger State to debate Phase 2 of a venture on improving training within the state. Commissioner Dr Amel Karboul presented key highlights from the Report, with Alice Albright (CEO, Global Partnership for Education) identifying implications for the Global Partnership for Education. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has released the examination day schedule for UGC NET November 2017.

Yet despite these demands, many highschool graduates are inadequately ready to continue their training or to enter the workforce. Going to class was a continuing battle trying to force feed new info to people that operated in a segregated world. Today’s news stories that the top of a well known charity pocketed a salary of 1 million dollars whereas watching his charity close its doors. One of Indonesia’s schooling slogan introduced by Ki Hajar Dewantoro is sung tulodo ngarso ing, ing madyo Karso Mangun, tut wuri news

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The committee release goes on to say that the Ministry of Health shall gazette and place earlier than parliament the agreed minimal requirements for medical schooling and training based mostly on the draft submitted by the Sri Lanka Medical council upon conclusion of discussions with the SLMC the Attorney General and other related stake holders.