The JEE Main examination is the national level entrance exam for admission to reputed engineering colleges in India. Every year, lakhs of students take this exam and vie for the limited number of seats available across the country. This makes the exam highly competitive. And as is the case with any competitive exam, it requires the applicants to leave no stone unturned to secure a good rank and give themselves a shot at getting their desired institute and branch of engineering. While understanding the syllabus, getting a grip on the basics, and practicing problems is an integral part of the preparation process, many students undermine the importance of taking mock tests and also solving previous years’ question papers. No preparation can be complete without intermittent evaluation. This is why taking JEE Main mock tests and solving the question papers from previous years is critical to your success in the exam.

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The NTA has a wide network of Test practice Centers (TPCs) across the country. This helps students from rural areas to get exposure to a Computer-Based Test (CBT) before the final examination. These tests are free for candidates appearing for the examination.

5 reasons why you need to take JEE Main Mock Tests

Let’s take a look at five reasons why you must take JEE Main Mock Tests:

Reason #1 – Allows the assessment of performance at different difficulty levels

No matter how much your professors or guides tell you, the best way to understand something is to experience it. The JEE Main Mock Tests allows you to experience different difficulty levels of the exam. Some mock tests would be easy while some others might be very difficult. By taking these tests, you will be able to assess your performance at different levels of difficulty. It will also help you identify areas that you can improve on.

Reason #2 – Offers insight into how the questions are picked from different topics

The National Testing Center (NTS) officially releases JEE Main mock tests. Therefore, by taking these tests you can get a good insight into how they choose the questions from different topics. Further, you can use this knowledge to create a study plan. However, if you don’t find questions from a specific topic in one or more mock tests, then it does not mean that you can skip the topic. Remember, this is just to get an overall picture and not a guaranteed way of determining which topics will be covered in the exam.

Reason #3 – Helps you get acclimatized with the exam’s environment

By visiting a Test Practice Center (TPC) and taking a few mock tests, you can get a good feel of the exam day. Therefore, on the day of the JEE Main exam, you would feel more confident and relaxed. This is a big boon because many students get so stressed that, on the D-Day, they are unable to recall everything that they have studied. Staying calm and positive on the day of the exam is critical and this is where mock tests can be of great help.

Reason #4 – Allows you to understand your speed

Usually, when you solve a sample paper at home, there is a possibility of a distraction. For example, someone on the door, or your parents calling out to you, or a friend dropping by, etc. Therefore, you cannot truly determine your speed. By taking a mock test at the TPC, the timer starts as soon as you sign in. With no distractions and complete focus on solving the paper, this works as a good measure of your speed. Also, if you find yourself lagging, then you can take measures to increase your speed by looking at shorter ways to solve problems.

Reason #5 – Gets you acquainted with the CBT methodology

Up until now, you have appeared for academic exams which are offline in nature – paper and pen exams. However, the JEE Main is an online exam. This might not seem like a huge difference but on the day of the exam, if you are not aware of how to navigate between questions or mark an answer for review, then you might lose some valuable time trying to understand it. By taking a JEE Main mock test, you will have these aspects covered and would spend your time focusing on answering the questions.

In fact, we always recommend students to solve some sample papers or take mock tests before they start preparing. This gives them a good understanding of their knowledge-level beforehand. Further, it helps them identify their weak areas and areas of strengths. Also, they can create a study plan to target their weaknesses first and build on their strengths. Additionally, we also recommend students to solve some previous years’ question papers and get a JEE Main Answer key. This helps them find the quickest and smartest ways to solve problems and get the answers right.

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Why you should solve previous years’ answer papers?

  • You will have a better understanding of the syllabus and the paper pattern.
  • You will understand the types of questions asked – theoretical, analytical, as well as calculation-based.
  • It offers an insight into the focus areas of different topics
  • Regularly solving these papers helps improve speed, efficiency, and time management skills
  • You can understand how the examiners choose questions
  • It offers a reality check of your level of preparation

In a nutshell

Preparing for a competitive exam like JEE Main requires a methodical and planned approach. Right from assessing your current knowledge levels to creating a study plan and testing your progress intermittently, you have to be on top of things. The JEE Main mock tests act as a litmus test allowing you to see how close you are to achieving your goal. We hope that this article would encourage you enough to appear for a few mock tests and see you cracking the exam with a good AIR. Good Luck!